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Thursday, August 16, 2007

We've Moved!

This blog is done. Our new home is here:

Monday, July 16, 2007


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Haymaker & Sally Trailer!

Brace yourself for a double shot of buddy cop!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Toward Cinematic Greatness

Greetings, (Remaining) Loyal Readers,

We hope that, in the absence of our regular posting, the archives are rewarding your occasional visits with amusement. We post today to notify our Seattle-area readers of a can't-miss, free event tomorrow (Tuesday, November 28th) at the Pink Door in the Pike Place Market:

A Series of Short Films by Jason Reid

Among the night's attractions will be the WORLD PREMIERE of the trailer for the highly-anticipated buddy cop opus, Haymaker & Sally.

Jason Reid on the set of Haymaker & Sally. Photo Credit: Andrew Miller

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Whither Pinto? The Cameraman Obscura Returneth

While reader mail has slowed to a trickle since we took our near-six-month hiatus in 2005, we still have the good fortune of receiving the occasional missive. Lately, several of you have inquired about Pinto. Where has he gone, you ask, now that his great world tour is over? After all he told us of his adventures in Krabi, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Wellington, Greymouth, Christchurch, Lima, and Miami, he has seen fit to tell us nothing since?!

Well, Dear Readers, our friend Pinto has returned to his roots, both geographically and artistically. He currently resides in the family nest in Bothell (Welcomes you...for a day or a lifetime), Washington.

Moreover, he is enrolled in a graphic design program, which has brought him back to photography, the medium in which he first made a name for himself (with his sublime and simply titled collection, Carts).

Pinto recently produced this insightful illustrated essay on the work of the famous photographer William Eggleston. He gave us permission to post it online and suggested that we link also to Eggleston's official site. Enjoy!

Finally, our good friend Nick (pictured here, here, and here), an impressive photographer in his own right, has re-launched his official site. Enjoy Nick's photographs and his handsome, bearded mug on the contact page.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

We're So Vain, We Probably Think This Post Is About Our Beard (It Is!!)

Greetings, Loyal Readers!

Things have been a bit busy over here, making blog posting difficult. Today, however, our friend A.C. sent us a link that we thought might amuse you. So without further ado:

The World Beard and Moustache Championships

Our hope of entering the 2007 competition has been roundly mocked--especially by our ever-supportive girlfriend, Katie. Further, our ex-girlfriend, the Furminator, derided our beard as "patchy" and "pubescent." Well, readers, we have photographic evidence to the contrary. Below, you will find our application photographs for the categories "Best Full Beard, Natural" and "Best Saturday Night Goatee, Freestyle." Eat your hearts out, ladies!

Best Full Beard, Natural

Best Saturday Night Goatee, Freestyle


I'M the handsome one!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Rumor Mill: Haymaker & Sally

Happy Valentine's Day, Readers!

The solipsism here at Blue Skies Forever is reaching new heights/depths. We post today to inform you of a rumor about ourself--and also to confirm it. It is our own little call-and-response; we are our own hollaback girl!

Nature of rumor: Exciting, benign, confirmed.

Substance of rumor: With the help of our one-time nemesis Sujan, we are in the process of developing the story and screenplay for Haymaker & Sally, a movie about two buddy cops who get in over their heads battling the criminal gang, the Beards. The Beards, it turns out, are both more and less than meets the eye--with friends in high and low places.

The players:

Clifton Haymaker: Clifford

Had a starring role in The Reid/Secrest Olympics. (Photograph not taken from a hostage video.)

Carol "Clyde" Sally: Kevin

Director and star of Blue Collar Escape. Also appeared in The Reid/Secrest Olympics.

Leader of the Beards: Ron Dejais

Director and star of The Reid/Secrest Olympics.

Emissary: Sujan

Army Ranger: Andy

Police Lieutenant with Political Aspirations: Brandon

Brandon has yet to give a firm commitment to the role, but we think he'll have a hard time turning it down once he sees the script.

Still Searching for/Demanding a Role: Our girlfriend, Katie

Pictured here with Ani Dollfranco. Thank you, Jess.

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive listing of the cast. We are in negotiations with a number of stars and will announce new signings as they occur. Generally, we will keep you posted on any major progress with the project. Look for Haymaker & Sally to hit screens across America in late summer, 2006.

Finally, for those looking for a love-related post on Valentine's Day, we direct you to our archives, to our friend A.C. and his adventures in romance.